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Hellhole, FFG On Tour

Film Fest Gent On Tour

Every month Film Fest Gent lets you enjoy an avant-premiere in several theatres in Flanders and Brussels. FFG also produces a Wide Angle which zooms in on the film, its director and themes.
Bas Devos en Patrick Duynslaegher, FFG On Tour

Every third Tuesday of the month we leave our familiar city of Ghent and showcase the latest, most vibrant new films in locations across Flanders and Brussels. The film screenings are preceded by a short introduction.

Tickets can be bought on the websites of the participating cinemas.

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FFG Wide Angle

For each On Tour film, Film Fest Gent provides a Wide Angle every month, in which we delve into the film, its director and themes (and more) by means of texts in various forms by various authors. (Texts are exclusively available in Dutch)

Soundtrack to a coup detat poster

Soundtrack to a Coup d'État l 18.06

Johan Grimonprez blends jazz, the CIA and the United Nations to create a swinging fusion in Soundtrack to a Coup d’État.

What do jazz music and the murder of Patrice Lumumba have in common? In Soundtrack to a Coup d’État, Belgian filmmaker Johan Grimonprez takes you back to 16 February 1961. Two jazz musicians, Abbey Lincoln and Max Roach, storm the UN Security Council and protest the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, Congo's prime minister. Previous meetings around demilitarisation and decolonisation had already fallen through, much to the frustration of Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev. The big troublemaker, the US, urgently needed to boost its image and sought refuge in jazz. Music legends like Louis Armstrong, Nina Simone, Dizzy Gillespie and Duke Ellington are sent to Congo as jazz ambassadors to divert attention from various CIA operations.

Wide Angle (online on 17.06)

  • Review & Notes on director by Patrick Duynslaegher
  • Essay in collaboration with Fantômas
  • Videoessays in collaboration with Filmscalpel

Participating theatres 'Soundtrack to a Coup d'État'

Past On Tour screenings

Poster May December

May December l 16.01

In Todd Haynes' dark and deliciously funny melodrama May December, Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman play a mysterious cat-and-mouse game of seduction, naivety and performance.

You don't need to teach American filmmaker Todd Haynes (Far from Heaven, Carol) anything about directing actors, creating mood and staging meta-melodramas. May December, a deliciously crafted psychodrama that looks as cerebral as it is seductive, makes that delightfully clear. "It's the complexity, the moral gray areas, that are so interesting," says Elizabeth (Natalie Portman), an actress looking to take her career to the next level. In this darker cousin of Carol, Haynes lets Elizabeth in on the life of Gracie (Julianne Moore), twenty years after she ended up in jail for seducing then-thirteen-year-old Joe as a thirty-something. After all, the actress is going to portray Gracie in a film about the scandal. Gracie and Joe are now married, but is their marriage based on abuse or romance? With as much pleasure as control, Haynes stages a flirtatious game between dysfunctional individuals, as if Ingmar Bergman is discovering his campy side

Wide Angle

  • Review & Notes on director Todd Haynes by Patrick Duynslaegher
  • Essay in collaboration with Fantômas
  • Video essays curated by Filmscalpel
Lempire poster

L'Empire l 20.02

After media satire France, Bruno Dumont, one of the enfants terribles of French cinema, is back with a with an absurdist science-fiction film that can only have sprung from the mind of the director of La vie de Jésus, P'tit Quinquin and Ma Loute.

That director Bruno Dumont is not keen on colouring within the lines of genres and "good taste" has long since ceased to be something striking. But a bizarre, apocalyptic "space & earth opera" about extraterrestrial knights who make a rural coastal village in Northern France their battleground, no, that was impossible to predict. Somewhere between his previous films Ma Loute and La vie de Jésus and somewhere between heaven and earth, Dumont offers us his caustic, cruel and crazy vision of Star Wars, including lightsabers.

Wide Angle

  • Review & Notes on director Bruno Dumont by Patrick Duynslaegher
  • Essay in collaboration with Fantômas
Dream Scenario poster

Dream Scenario l 19.03

Sick of Myself director Kristoffer Borgli gives Nicolas Cage a dream role in his ingenious fantasy horror comedy.

The role of his dreams: that's one way to describe the character of Paul Matthews, portrayed by Nicolas Cage. He plays a balding, bearded biology professor who would easily win the title of Mr. Average. But one day, something strange happens: he appears in one of his daughters' dreams. Then in an ex's dream. Until he even starts featuring in the dreams of millions of people who have never even heard of the man. Dream Scenario is the refreshingly creative English-language debut of Norwegian director Kristoffer Borgli (Sick of Myself). And after this film, it's entirely clear: if you're looking for comedies with a twist, Borgli is the right person to turn to.

FFG On Tour screening in collaboration with Cage of Wonders

Wide Angle (online on 18.03)

  • Review & Notes on director by Patrick Duynslaegher
  • Essay in collaboration with Fantômas
  • Video essays in collaboration with Filmscalpel
  • Illustration by Lisa De Vriese and essay by Silke Bomberna (Cage of Wonders)
Poster Golden Eighties 2024 img Ber B1 1

Golden Eighties l 16.04

Chantal Akerman ventures into the world of musical-comedies with this bubblegum pop filled film.

As queen of slow cinema, Chantal Akerman, surprised friend and foe with Golden Eighties. With the help of budding pop star Lio, of “Banana Split”-fame, Akerman set her sights on the broader audience of commercial cinema. The Galerie Toison d’Or, a shrine of 80s consumerism, is the second home of a brigade of hairdressers and shampoo girls, salespeople and their romantic troubles. Love triangles, extramarital affaires and old lovers cross in this little corner of Brussels. While Golden Eighties was a venture into commercial cinema, it is still filled with the Akerman essentials: feminism, consumerism and the memory of the Holocaust.

This Film Fest Gent On Tour avant-premiere of the new restoration of Golden Eighties is also part of the launch of Avila, present!, in collaboration with Cinea, Fondation Chantal Akerman and Cinematek.

Wide Angle

Extra Activities Chantal Akerman

  • Expo Chantal Akerman: Travelling

    Still running at Bozar until 21 July is the exhibition Chantal Akerman: Travelling, which traces the atypical trajectory of the Belgian filmmaker, writer and artist. From the very beginning in Brussels to the Mexican desert, from her very first films to her last installations in 2015. This is the first major exhibition on the Brussels-based artist, featuring unique and never-before-seen images, production, and working documents from her archive. Follow all the stages of her career through the years and places Akerman has traversed and filmed. She went there to work with media as diverse as film, television, text, and installation. Chantal Akerman was an inspiration to an entire generation. She remains a role model for a lot of directors and artists today. Expect a journey full of images and archives – from the burlesque to the tragic, from the intimacy of a bedroom to the desert

    More info

  • Expo Sur le plateau de Golden Eighties

    From 11 April, you can visit Cinema Palace for an exhibition of never-before-published set photos taken by photographer Jen Ber, who captured Akerman and her crew during the filming of Golden Eighties. With their poppy and colourful nature - just like the film itself - the photos are of a unique quality and serve as the perfect homage to a lesser-known aspect of Akerman's work, namely the joyful connection to pop culture.

    Cinema Palace

  • Collection of texts by Sabzian

    If you want to dive even deeper into Chantal Akerman's life and work after FFG On Tour and our Wide Angle, Sabzian offers a collection with no less than 14 texts.

    Read more

Participating theatres 'Golden Eighties'

La piscine poster

La Piscine l 21.05

Jacques Deray explores the difficulties of love, ambition and teenage rebellion in the South of France.

Young couple Jean-Paul and Marianne - played by ex-lovers Alain Delon and Romy Schneider - take a break at a friend's villa. Together, they enjoy the sun, the pool and each other - until Marianne's ex, Harry, shows up with his teenage daughter, Penelope. Harry sets his sights on Marianne and makes Jean-Paul's life miserable. Penelope rebels against her father and grows closer to Jean-Paul. Old and new frustrations surface and eventually lead to murder. Passion, intrigue and crime provide the perfect backdrop for a balmy spring evening.

Wide Angle (online on 20.05)

  • Review & Notes on director by Patrick Duynslaegher
  • Essay in collaboration with Fantômas
  • Videoessays in collaboration with Filmscalpel

Previous seasons

  • 17.10.2023 - Io capitano by Matteo Garrone
  • 20.06.2023 - Goodbye, Dragon Inn by Tsai Ming-liang
  • 16.05.2023 - Ghost Dog: The Way of The Samurai by Jim Jarmusch
  • 18.04.2023 - All the Beauty and the Bloodshed by Laura Poitras
  • 21.03.2023 - La double vie de Véronique by Krzysztof Kieślowski
  • 21.02.2023 - The Whale by Darren Aronofsky
  • 17.01.2023 - Alcarràs by Carla Simón
  • 18.10.2022 - Un beau matin by Mia Hansen-Løve
  • 27.09.2022 - Triangle of Sadness by Ruben Östlund
  • 21.06.2022 - Il buco by Michelangelo Frammartino
  • 17.05.2022 - Tokyo Story by Yasujiro Ozu
  • 19.04.2022 - Vortex by Gaspar Noé
  • 15.03.2022 - A Chiara by Jonas Carpignano
  • 15.02.2022 - Drive My Car by Ryûsuke Hamaguchi
  • 18.01.2022 - The Scent of Green Papaya by Tran Anh Hung (cancelled)

These are the participating cinemas for FFG On Tour

  • Studio Skoop

    Studio Skoop
    Sint-Annaplein 63
    9000 Gent

  • Sphinx Cinema

    Sphinx Cinema
    Sint-Michielsbrug 3
    9000 Gent

  • Studio Geel

    Studio Geel
    Werft 1
    2440 Geel

  • The Roxy Theatre

    The Roxy Theatre
    Pieter Vanhoudtstraat 39
    3582 Beringen

  • Cinema Zed

    Cinema Zed
    Andreas Vesaliusstraat 9C
    3000 Leuven

  • CC Binder

    CC Binder
    Forum 9
    2870 Puurs

  • Flagey

    Heilig Kruisplein
    1050 Brussel

  • CC Jan Tervaert

    CC Jan Tervaert
    Kaaiplein 34
    9220 Hamme

  • CC Evergem - Cinema Westside

    CC Evergem - Cinema Westside
    Weststraat 31
    9940 Evergem

  • CC Zoetegem

    CC Zoetegem
    Hospitaalstraat 18
    9620 Zottegem

  • CC Ter Dilft

    CC Ter Dilft
    Sint-Amandsesteenweg 41-43
    2880 Bornem

  • Leietheater

    Brielstraat 8
    9800 Deinze

  • Netwerk Aalst

    Netwerk Aalst
    Houtkaai 15
    9300 Aalst

  • Cinema Lumière Antwerpen

    Cinema Lumière Antwerpen
    Lakenstraat 14
    2000 Antwerpen

  • Cinema Lumière Brugge

    Cinema Lumière
    Sint-Jacobsstraat 36
    8000 Brugge

  • Cinema Lumière Mechelen

    Cinema Lumière Mechelen
    Frederik de Merodestraat 28
    2800 Mechelen

  • Cinema Cartoon's Antwerpen

    Cinema Cartoon's
    Kaasstraat 4/6
    2000 Antwerpen

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