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Here you will find all the practical information for booking or purchasing tickets and multiple ticket packs for films and concerts at Film Fest Gent. Film tickets for Film Fest Gent 2024 can be purchased as from 19 September. Concert tickets are already available.
Do you have any questions or suggestions? We'd love to help you! Contact us: tickets@filmfestival.be or +32 (0) 9 277 28 00 (Mon - Fri, 10:00 - 17:00).
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An FFG multiple ticket pack: fun for 5 or 10

Take your friends to the movies! With a multiple ticket pack for 5 or 10, you can take several people to the festival inexpensively and/or go to several films on your own. Multiple ticket packs are not personalised and can therefore be shared with friends and family.

Please note that multiple ticket pack are not a valid admission ticket. Film tickets can be booked online or at the box office until the credit on the fare card is used up. These tickets cannot be used for the opening film, closing film, concerts, Videodroom or special events.

  • 5 multiple ticket pack: € 50 (€ 10 per ticket, also for screenings between 18:00 and 22:00)
  • 10 multiple ticket pack: € 85 (€ 8.5 per ticket, also for screenings between 18:00 and 22:00)

Our screening prices

Below are our film prices for screenings during the festival. We apply a different price for screenings starting between 18:00 and 22:00 and all other screenings. Would you like to come and see several films or bring a group of friends? Then our rides card is for you.

Film Tickets Standard Discount*

Screenings starting between 18:00 and 22:00

€ 13

€ 11

All other screenings

€ 11

€ 9

5-ticket pack

€ 50 (€ 10 per ticket, also valid for screenings between 18:00 en 22:00)

€ 50 (€ 10 per ticket, also valid for screenings between 18:00 en 22:00)

10-ticket pack

€ 85 (€ 8,5 per ticket, also valid for screenings between 18:00 en 22:00)

€ 85 (€ 8,5 per ticket, also valid for screenings between 18:00 en 22:00)

UiTPAS prices

80 % discount

80 % discount

Film Fest Friends

350 (single)/ 650 (duo)

350 (single)/ 650 (duo)

*Discount rate

The reduced rate is valid for young people (-26 years), people over 65, jobseekers, people with a disability, teachers with a teacher's card, UGent staff, Knack Club members, De Nationale Loterij and Club members. You have to be in possession of a valid (identity) document or a (membership) card of one of the partners during the performance.


UITPAS Gent is a digital card for everyone who participates in all kinds of leisure activities in Ghent. You're able to save points which you exchange for a discount, gift or another advantage. You can also save points at Film Fest Gent, but this card does not offer a discount.

Residents of Ghent who are eligible for increased compensation or who are in debt mediation can purchase an UiTPAS with "kansentarief", a very favourable rate. This means that a ticket costs 80% of the standard price. You can book a ticket at this rate via tickets@filmfestival.be or purchase it at the ticket counters (with your UiTPAS number). You cannot buy the UiTPAS from us, but you can buy it at various sales points in Ghent. You can find all locations on uitin.gent.be.

European Disability Card

People with disabilities - and their companions - can use the European Disability Card to benefit from the discounted prices. This card is a tool to facilitate disabled people's access to culture, sports and leisure activities. Apply for your free card.

Concert prices

As soon as the program is announced you'll be able to consult the prices of the World Soundtrack Awards and the Moviemusicconcerts here. The different prices for other concerts will also be found here.

World Soundtrack Awards Ceremony & Concert JAMES HORNER FILM MUSIC CONCERT

Category VIP (concert + drink)

€ 165


Category 1

€ 58

€ 43

Category 2

€ 48

€ 33

UiTPAS social tariff

80% discount

80% discount

-26 years old


20% discount

As a Film Fest Friend, you experience more!

Are you a film fanatic, a lover of Film Fest Gent and do you enjoy sharing your passion for film culture and our festival with others? Then the Film Fest Friend formula is the perfect opportunity for you: an all access pass to all screenings (including press screenings), an invitation to the programme launch in September and to the exclusive opening and closing film, and more of that!

We are happy to help. Have a look at our most frequently asked questions.

  • When do ticket sales start?

    Ticket sales for the 51st edition's film programme will start on 19 September 2024. Ticket sales for the concerts (World Soundtrack Awards and James Horner Tribute) have already started.

  • Can I exchange, cancel or refund my tickets?

    No, unfortunately it is not possible to exchange, cancel or refund tickets.

  • Where can I buy tickets?
    • As soon as the ticket sale starts, you can buy tickets online via our website. After your purchase, you will receive your ticket in a confirmation e-mail. You do not have to print your e-ticket, you can also present your smartphone at the ticket check.
    • As soon as the ticket sale starts, you can also buy tickets at the counter at Tickets Gent (Sint Baafsplein 17, 9000 Ghent). Open Mo-Fri 10:00 - 18:00, Sa 14:00 - 18:00)
    • During the festival, you can also buy tickets at the box office of the location where the film is playing. The box offices will be open from half an hour before the start of the screening.
  • Who is eligible for a discount?

    Under 26, seniors (over 65), unemployed people, people with a disability, teachers, UGent staff, Knack Club members, De Nationale Loterij Club members and Davidsfonds members. Please show your valid ID or membership card at the venue.

  • What is the most advantageous price for a group?

    Yes! Check out our 5- or 10-ticket packs. These tickets have the lowest rate and aren't personalised, so you can use them if you're attending the festival with a group. If your group is larger than 50 people, please let us know at tickets@filmfestival.be, so your visit runs smoothly.

  • Do I get a discount if I buy tickets for multiple screenings?

    Yes! If you're planning on buying tickets for multiple screenings, a 5-ticket pack (50 euro for 5 films) or a 10-ticket pack (85 euro for 10 films) offer the best price.

  • Am I entitled to a reduction with my 'UiTPAS met kansentarief'?

    Yes. With 'UiTPAS met kansentarief' can be bought at 80% discount. Tickets in presale can be purchased from 19 September, online and at Tickets Gent. This can be done via e-mail to info@ticketsgent.be or at the counter. During the festival

    Tickets for events and concerts that go on sale before September can be reserved via tickets@filmfestival.be.

    More information about the 'UiTPAS met kansentarief'

  • Can I buy tickets with culture or consumption vouchers?

    Yes, but that is only possible at Tickets Gent. You can pay there with sports and culture vouchers and consumption vouchers from Sodexo or Ticket Compliments from Edenred (only with the paper versions, no digital variants).

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