09 20 Oct '24
Openlucht rode loper

FFG Offroad

Film Fest Gent steps outside the cinema walls! In collaboration with several partners in Ghent, the festival will screen films outdoors and at surprising locations. Moreover, the screenings will be accompanied by music, talents and food.

During FFG Offroad, all film lovers will enjoy film screenings chosen and organized by the young people of vzw Jong and youth center Nieuw Gent, as well as the teachers and NT2 (Dutch for non-native speakers) students of CVO Gent. Film Fest Gent offers much more than just films. Prior to the screenings, there will be interviews in a live podcast, concerts, workshops or a free stage for local talent. In addition to the entertainment, (local) food and drinks will be available.

Wim de witte
With Film Fest Gent Offroad, our aim is to screen films for and with people from Ghent. The partnerships were not formed by chance. Vzw Jong and Gentertainment have been focusing on talent development for quite some time. Many young people aspire to pursue acting, and we aim to leverage this enthusiasm. CVO Gent expressed keen interest in incorporating film into their NT2 classes, not only as an additional exercise but also to foster stronger connections between students, teachers, and other Ghent residents. Through our collaboration with JH Nieuw Gent, we can build upon previous experiences such as the open-air screenings of Cool Abdoul (2022) and Patser (2020). Additionally, a unique exchange project with Brazilian youngsters this spring has provided an intriguing perspective.
Wim De Witte Program director

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