09 20 Oct '24


Every year in October, the festival programmes - in avant-première - more than 100 feature films, ranging from audience-friendly works to daring cinema that raises pressing questions.
20191009 FFG2019 c Jeroen Willems 210


The programme of the 51st edition of Film Fest Ghent will be announced in September 2024. The edition will run from 8 until 19 October.

Award Ceremony 10© Johannes De Bruycker


At Film Fest Ghent there are several prestigious awards to be won across a number of categories. Learn more about them here.

Schoolvoorstellingen 1© Martin Corlazzoli


Film language and literacy are essential skills for young people to acquire in the modern, media-driven world. To that end, Film Fest Ghent offers an extensive education programme for children of all ages.

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