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Our mission & vision

As the largest film festival in Belgium, Film Fest Gent wants to contribute to the development and spread of film culture.


Film Fest Gent is the largest international film festival in Belgium. The festival propagates film and visual culture to a broad audience and supports film and film music talent. Each year, more than 100,000 people visit the city of Ghent for a challenging programme of films, talks, concerts and much more.

Film Fest Gent highlights filmmakers and the collective experience of cinema. Presenting their films to a diverse audience of professionals and film lovers, the festival offers a platform to upcoming as well as established talent.


With integrity and independence and a critical approach, Film Fest Ghent composes a topical and diverse programme, mainly consisting of (in Belgium) undistributed films and avant-premieres to give outstanding films the publicity they deserve.

Focusing on the art of film music, Film Fest Ghent puts a spotlight on an often underestimated, even neglected, branch of the film industry. The festival organises unique concerts in which film music is allowed to act as protagonist. In some sections of the film programme, music and sound design are front and centre. In doing this, Film Fest Ghent emphasises the importance of the score as a troisième personnage.

Film Fest Ghent believes in the power and impact of the artistry of films and cinephilia on society, which is why the festival supports:

  • The spread of film culture to a broad and diverse audience

  • Film and film music talent by granting them a platform and an industry programme

  • Visual and media literacy among all ages

Film Fest Gent wants to strengthen the position of the seventh art and is backing promotion of films of all genres. The festival sees film as a medium of sincere emotions. A medium that surprises, questions, opens eyes and evokes an emotional response. A medium that engages in dialogue with the world and that can function as a call-to-action.

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