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About Film Fest Gent

Film Fest Gent is Belgium's largest film festival. Annually, it has a programme of over 100 films and short films. The festival traditionally closes with the presentation of the coveted World Soundtrack Awards.

As a generalist festival, Film Fest Gent presents the best of all genres and brings the general public together for an enriching, collective experience in an atmosphere that inspires conversation with other film lovers as well as with film talent. Film Fest Gent is, after all, also for filmmakers, and given our focus on film music, for film composers.

Film Fest Gent is a ten-day celebration of cinematography in all its aspects; an ode to film to which we would like to invite everyone.

Marijke vandebuerie
"Watching a good film on a big screen is an unmissable experience. As the largest international film festival in Belgium, Film Fest Gent wants to spread the love for cinema to the largest possible audience."
Marijke Vandebuerie Managing Director

Since the start of the festival - in 1974 - the film world has been in constant evolution, and the festival has followed its many trends and innovations. Throughout, Film Fest Gent has remained true to the objectives of the very first edition: show the audience particularly strong and relevant films, which have little or no chance at all in the regular offer. That selection is complemented by a series of avant-premières of high-profile films that will appear in Belgian theatres in the following months. From pure cinephile gems to films for a wider audience.

Wim de witte
"In a world with an abundance of images, Film Fest Gent wants to be, more than ever, a guide through this jungle of film titles."
Wim De Witte Programme director

Film Fest Gent also brings the same variety of known and yet-to-be-discovered names into the music programme. With this focus on film music, the festival managed to put itself on the international map and has grown in recent years to become the meeting point for Belgian and international professionals of film and film music.