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The International Jury of 1991

18e Internationaal Filmgebeuren van Vlaanderen-Gent 1991

The programme of the 18th Film Festival of Flanders offers an extensive scale of films and also many side events. The opening film is Terry Gilliam's The Fisher King. Both Gilliam and actress Amanda Plummer are in Ghent to present the film. The festival closes with Mike Nichols’ Regarding Henry. As a pre-opening, Stanley Kubrick’s Spartacus is brought back to the big screen.

In the film programme, the focus is on Spain, with films such as Cronica Del Alba, El Dorado and Los Santos. The goal of this section is to bring films to Belgian theatres that haven’t been shown here before and are directed by lesser-known Spanish filmmakers. Three hommages are included in the festival programme. The first one is dedicated to American Zoetrope, Francis Ford Coppola’s production company. Three films by Coppola himself are shown. The second homage zooms in on actor Kirk Douglas and the third focuses on the work of Belgian author Johan Daisne. Two films by André Delvaux based on Daisne’s novels are screened: De man die zijn haar kort liet knippen en Un soir, un train. Furthermore, there’s also an exhibition on Johan Daisne as a cinephile, showcasing everything film-related from his personal archives. Thousands of documents in total. There’s another exhibition for cinephiles. In Decascoop, people can discover the rich history and influence of Cahiers du Cinéma.

In the competition, Lars von Trier’s Europa picks up the Grand Prix, while the Georges Delerue Award goes to Rachib Bouchareb for the music in Cheb. For the first time, Joseph Plateau Honorary Awards are given. The first recipients are André Delvaux and Michel Legrand.

The festival’s unique character, the impact of music on film, is highlighted by the presence of Michel Legrand at the Plateau Awards during the Seventh Night of Film and by a concert of Michael Nyman.

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