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1e Internationaal Filmgebeuren Gent 1974

The very first International Film Event Ghent runs from 25 January until 31 January 1974 and is organised by Studio Skoop and the University Film Club. The festival's aim is to attract a larger audience for good films. The introductory. text of the first festival programme guide reads as follows: "One of the reasons for Studio Skoop's existence is to give the most complete overview possible of the world film production in all its facets. These can be feature films, underground, marginal, and avant-garde films. If there is enough interest, we hope to repeat this 'International Film Event' annually in the future, and thus to improve and even expand it. We hope that from year to year we will be able to provide a better overview of world film production and to present an increasingly representative picture of it. We also hope that in the future we can invite directors, actors, actresses and other film people to come to Ghent to present their own films." The opening film for this very first edition is Der Händler der vier Jahreszeiten by R.W. Fassbinder, the closing film is Blue Movie by Andy Warhol.

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