09 20 Oct '24
Studio Skoop

4e Internationaal Filmgebeuren Gent 1977

The 4th International Film Fest Festival Ghent takes place from Friday 28 January to Thursday 3 February 1977. However, the fourth edition of the festival did not come without a struggle after the losses of the third edition, as founder Ben Ter Elst openly says in his welcome of the programma guide of that year: "1976 is over. And I am happy about that. For us it will always be the year of damnation. Processes, fines, misery and all that. Bankruptcy has hung over our heads several times and dark clouds are still floating over our heads." Despite much resentment because of the loss of support from the university, among others, the fourth edition is still there and that is "a miracle", adds Ben Ter Elst. The festival once again offers on the one hand a selection of unreleased films for Ghent or Belgium and on the other hand brings a tribute to Akira Kurosawa in the form of a retrospective of eight of his films. The opening film of this edition is Xala by Ousmane Sembene, the closing film is Women in Revolt by Andy Warhol.

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