09 20 Oct '24

2e Internationaal Filmgebeuren Gent 1975

The second International Film Event in Ghent (20 January - 30 January 1975) is organised by Studio Skoop and the University Film Club of the R.U.G. (University of Ghent). A large number of the films that will be shown have been temporarily imported from abroad especially for the film event. In the festival guide of 1975 the programmers explain: "The First International Film Event has been more successful than we ever expected. With this positive experience in mind, we started to prepare the second one in good spirits. (...) We hope to be able to give a better overview of world production from year to year." For its second edition, the festival does not yet have the strength to attract film talent to Ghent. But, so they say: "Everything will depend on the public's interest in an event like ours." The opening film is Bad Company by Robert Benton, the closing film is Fata Morgana by Werner Herzog.

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