09 20 Oct '24
Newspaper article

3e Internationaal Filmgebeuren Gent 1976

The third edition of the International Film Event Ghent takes place from 23 to 29 January. The organisers are proud that they have succeeded in organising the event for the third time, as the programme guide of 1976 states: "If the third time of something is the good time, according to the old ship's law, well here we would like to present for the third time the Gent International Film Event. If the third time is as successful as the two previous editions, Ghent will have a new 'eternal tradition', the 'Filmgebeuren'." Screenings are organised in Studio Skoop and Cinema Select. The opening (and closing) film is The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz by Ted Kotcheff.

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