09 20 Oct '24
Charles Aznavour

16e Internationaal Filmgebeuren van Vlaanderen-Gent 1989

From 11 to 21 October 1989, Ghent hosts the Internationaal Filmgebeuren van Vlaanderen - Ghent for the 16th time. The opening film is Casualties of War by Brian De Palma.

The main topic remains 'The Impact of Music on Film': there is again a film music competition, a music films section and a concert with European Film Music in the Floraliapaleis. German composer Peer Raben, who sits on the international jury, receives a tribute. French singer Charles Aznavour is this edition's guest in Ghent, for the premiere of Le Maestro by Marion Hänsel.

There are also two regions in focus: the Benelux and Japan, as Europalia '89 also focuses on Japan. The Japanese focus mainly includes experimental films from the 60s and 70s and some recent films from the 80s such as Yuki Yukite Shingun by Kazuo Hara and Kuroi Ame by Shōhei Imamura. In the Benelux focus, two feature-length world premiere films are presented: the film Wait until Spring, Bandini by Dominique Deruddere precedes the fifth Night of Film and The Sacrament by Hugo Claus closes the festival. Tickets can now be sold via computer, according to the preface of the programme guide, and people can buy tickets in Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels.

Festival atmosphere is ensured by setting up for the first time a festival café at the main location Decascoop, and activities such as the Container (a cinema room in a container containing film screenings), two Filmgebeurenpoorten (bringing information about the Filmgebeuren and designed by Ghent architect Dirk Coopman) and exhibitions about music magazines during the Interbellum and about filmgebeuren photos from previous editions.

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