09 20 Oct '24
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Oskar Fischinger

Studie Nr. 7

Edition 1982
3' - 1931 - Short - Dialogue: German
Director: Oskar Fischinger
Brahms' Hungarian Dance No. 5 shapes a framework vital for the kind of spiritual dichotomy and tensions that Fischinger loved. In STUDY No. 7, the pulsations, the fast rhythms of the Csardas melody are visually represented by sharp points: thin razor blades, which seem to penetrate a deep space, rotating and flying above the spectator. In contrast, the soft and languid chords of gypsy violins seem to rise to the surface of the screen, swirling in "art nouveau" tendrils and soft diamonds. (William Moritz)

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B00022f0 e77e 4636 ba48 32173b075760



Oskar Fischinger

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