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Oskar Fischinger

Studie Nr. 8

Director Oskar Fischinger
Edition 1982
4' - 1931 - Short - Dialogue: German
Studie Nr. 8 is the most complex study in the series. This film takes the parable of the Sorcerer's Apprentice (which is also the music of the film) to adapt it in a cosmic and contemporary way: the diversity of forms and movements in several sequences recalls the teeming multiplicity of life on earth, and the mad apprentice wishes to generate more matter by dividing the atom. The sequence Fischinger calls "Atomic Separation" (in 1932, few people were aware of this possibility) is one of his favorites, as was the entire film. Unable to buy the rights to the second part of Dukas' music, the film remained unfinished except for a few sketches that he prepared for a screening in Holland. (William Moritz)

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Oskar Fischinger

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