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News 26 Jun 2024
As is tradition, De Vooruit will once again host VIDEODROOM, during the 51st edition of Film Fest Gent (9 to 20 October). This annual marriage between FFG and VIERNULVIER, focuses on idiosyncratic productions at the crossroads of (cult) film and eclectic music.

From unique audiovisual performances to freshly composed soundtracks to forgotten and less forgotten films, VIDEODROOM 2024 will be a quirky alternative trip through the film festival. The first three productions have been announced and promise new scores for cinematically striking films. More shows will be announced in the coming months.


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Saturday October
20:00 Vooruit-Theaterzaal

Johannes is Zijn Naam x 'Rubens' (12.10)

Henri Storck (1907-1999) was a Belgian filmmaker and pioneer in documentary filmmaking. His 1948 documentary about the work of Pieter Paul Rubens is a true lesson in art history and much more than a formal analysis of the master’s oeuvre.

Through a generous use of cinematographic techniques, this film brings Ruben’s pictorial world to life with often striking comparisons with real-life imagery. Johannes is Zijn Naam (aka Johannes Verschaeve of The Van Jets) makes the film collide and merge with his dreamy avant-pop music. You can expect a serving of school television on LSD.

Sunday October

Félicia Atkinson x 'Les yeux sans visage' (13.10)

Les yeux sans visage or Eyes Without a Face by George Franju has been pushing the boundaries of what was considered acceptable by audience and critics since its release in 1960. The film is a combination of poetic black-and-white images, a fairy-tale story and outspoken scenes full of brutality. The French electro-acoustic composer and visual artist Félicia Atkinson perfectly matches the vibe of this horror classic with her layered compositions.

The story revolves around a brilliant, obsessive surgeon, who abducts women and removes their skin to graft upon his own daughter’s disfigured face. Franju deftly balances fantasy and realism, clinical detachment and operatic emotion, beauty and pain, all presided over by Edith Scob’s haunting eyes.

Wednesday October
20:00 Vooruit-Theaterzaal

Mattias De Craene x 'The Holy Mountain' (16.10)

51 years ago, the Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky shocked the Cannes film festival with the premiere of his film The Holy Mountain, a psychedelic and surrealistic film that has become a cult classic in the years since its release.

This macabre masterpiece can count illustrious names such as Peter Gabriel, Erykah Badu, Marina Abramovic, David Lynch and Nicolas Winding Refn among its fans. Also on that list: Belgian saxophonist, composer and producer Mattias De Craene. He composed a brand new soundtrack to the film for VIDEODROME, which he will perform live in the Theaterzaal with the brand new remastered 4K version of the film on the big screen.