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Mattias De Craene x 'The Holy Mountain'

Edition 2024 Videodroom Concerten
Film & Music

In 1973, Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky shocked the Cannes film festival with the premiere of his film The Holy Mountain. More than fifty years later, Belgian saxophonist Matthias De Craene sells his soul to this surrealist masterpiece.

About the film
The Holy Mountain is a psychedelic slice of surrealism that became a true cult classic over the years. This macabre masterpiece can count illustrious names such as Peter Gabriel, Erykah Badu, Marina Abramovic, David Lynch and Nicolas Winding Refn among its fans. Also on that list: Belgian saxophonist, composer and producer Mattias De Craene. He composed a brand new soundtrack to the film for VIDEODROME, which he will perform live in the Theaterzaal with the brand new remastered 4K version of the film on the big screen.

"It's crazy how everything in my life seems to come together for this live soundtrack: tarot, enticing absurdism, depth, cinematography, humour, film music ... A complex maze that describes life in a complexless way. It feels like the last two years of my life have literally wriggled their way to the top of 'The Holy Mountain'. My head, my soul - and therefore my music - come home to this film." - Mattias De Craene.

About Matthias De Craene
Mattias De Craene, Belgian saxophonist, composer and producer, is a member ofNordmann and frontman of trance-inducing trio MDCIII. Mattias is currently touring Europe and beyond, both as a solo musician as well as with MDCIII. He is also a regular sidekick with Dijf Sanders and Sylvie Kreusch.

In his solo project, Mattias De Craene takes the contemplative, cinematic route. This results in a more experimental, but cinematic sound that oscillates between minimalism and melancholy. He manages to convey his story in a language of his own, using his sax, tape loops and an electronica setup. He released a first EP MATTIASDECRAENE in 2020 and his first full album Patterns For (A) Film in 2022.

Last year, VIDEODROME invited Mattias to write a new score to the cult film The Holy Mountain, which was celebrating its 50th anniversary. However, due to health issues, the premiere was postponed for a year. In the meantime, De Craene also adapted the compositions for that new soundtrack into a brand-new album A House Where I Dream, which will be released on 4 October by VIERNULVIER Records. It will be a more than warm and welcome reunion for everyone on 16 October in the Theaterzaal.