09 20 Oct '24
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Nedeljko Dragic, Aldo Raparelli

Tup Tup

Edition 1980
10' - 1972 - Animated film, Short
Director: Nedeljko Dragic, Aldo Raparelli Composer: Tomislav Simovic
Too fast a pace of life in overcrowded, noisy and polluted cities make people sick, neuroses is a common occurrence. A man is trying to sleep but noises keep him up. Trying to stop the noise he reveals a bizarre mixture of sounds and images. The film explores what can happen to a man irritated by noise when all he wants is to peacefully read his newspaper. From being peaceful the man turns dangerous. He is ready to destroy. But maybe it's all just a fantasy.

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Nedeljko Dragic, Aldo Raparelli


Tomislav Simovic


Nedeljko Dragic

Director of Photography

Ivan Hercigonja, Zlatko Sacer


Nedeljko Dragic

More information

Countries of production

Italy, Yugoslavia



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