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Adolf Born, Jaroslav Doubrava, Milos Macourek

L'Homme du Neanderthal (Clovek neandrtálský)

Edition 1980
8' - 1977 - Animated film, Family, Short - Dialogue: Czech
Director: Adolf Born, Jaroslav Doubrava, Milos Macourek With: Petr Nározný
Once, when a talk was given at school about the Ice Age, when Neanderthal man lived, Šebestová wondered how they actually ate the mammoths back then, with cranberries or what? Hey Mach, said Šebestová, why do we have this magic earpiece, we can go there and take Jonathána with us. And yes, they were in prehistoric times that morning, but it was cold as a dog kennel, and there were mammoths everywhere, and soon they met a Neanderthal, with a cold, you know, an ice age. Mr. Buml František, the Neanderthal, cooked them a mammoth on a dill, and Mach had an idea, Mr. Buml, why don't you look at our school, nobody has ever seen a Neanderthal man, not even the headmaster. Why not, said Mr. Buml, at least I'll warm up a bit, and Mach arranged a return trip and there was a great commotion in the school, comrade headmaster said that's not all, Mr. Buml complied with our request and will take the place of janitor in our school, and everyone was very excited, even Mr. Buml, since he had a cold in two days. [Film Review 14/1977]

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4a7a6cb2 2e46 4fe4 a4b4 4470983aa25a



Adolf Born, Jaroslav Doubrava, Milos Macourek


Petr Nározný


Milos Macourek

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