08 19 Oct '24

Meera Dewan

Gift of Love

Edition 1983
18' - 1983 - Short
Director: Meera Dewan
The film deals with dowry: An ancient Indian tradition, where the parents of a bride gave her gifts at the time of marriage. Today, these ''gifts" have become demands by the girl's husbands and in-laws. Often, if they are not satisfied with the money and goods the girl's parents give, they oppress the brides and even burn them to death. In the film, two young victims and their families present their situation. One is a girl with 70 % burns, the other is a survivor. A lawyer and a sociologist present an analysis of this inhuman phenomenon.



Meera Dewan


Meera Dewan

Director of Photography

Deepak Haldankar


P.N. Revenkar

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