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NIEUW Howard Shore x Anthony Nti

Howard Shore x Anthony Nti & Chingiz Karibekov

25 composers, 25 filmmakers, 25 ultimate symbioses of music and cinematography that fit completely within the DNA of Film Fest Gent and the World Soundtrack Awards. For the unique 2x25 project, the festival asked 25 composers to compose a short piece of music, after which 25 filmmakers made a short film. The result: 25 exceptional films where the music inspired the form, narrative and texture.


Howard Shore

Howard Shore’s career as a film composer comprises more than 100 films, proving that he is familiar with many film genres. His body of work includes sixteen films by David Cronenberg, popular comedies, Oscar winners such as The Silence of the Lambs, David Fincher thrillers like Se7en and Panic Room, and Peter Jackson’s immensely successful The Lord of the Rings trilogy. He won his first Oscar for his score for The Fellowship of the Ring.


Shore (Toronto, October 18, 1946) felt that film music presented a good opportunity to experiment and work with great musicians. He was also intrigued by the technology used to make films. He wanted to be in the recording studio. He has no favourite musical instrument but is interested in a wide variety of instruments, from Western, Eastern and African musical cultures. “I cannot say I have a favourite film genre but I feel most at ease when I can work with capable directors who tell a compelling story”, the composer says. Amongst his many other credits are the scores for Philadelphia, Doubt, The Departed, The Hobbit trilogy, Hugo, Spotlight, The Twilight Saga.

The music of Howard Shore has been performed live throughout the world. Film Fest Gent has fond memories of his The Lord of the Rings Symphony performed in Antwerp in 2004. Shortly thereafter The Brussels Philharmonic was chosen by Shore to perform and register his music for Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator. He won, in 2002, two World Soundtrack Awards for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: Best Original Soundtrack and Public Choice award.

IMG 5709 druk c Michiel Devijver

Anthony Nti & Chingiz Karibekov

Just before his 30th birthday, business magazine Forbes placed Anthony Nti on its list of one of the most influential people under thirty in the entertainment category. Anthony Nti was born in Ghana in 1992 and moved to Belgium with his father when he was 10 years old. He studied at RITCS and participated in the student short film competition at Film Fest Gent in 2016 with his undergraduate project Boi. There, he won not only the prize for best film but also the audience award. Da Yie, his 2019 graduation project earned him the audience award at Film Fest Gent. In Leuven and in Clermont-Ferrand, he won first prize. In Da Yie (Good Night), Nti tells the story of a stranger who is tasked with recruiting children but becomes concerned about their future. Nti shot the film in his native country. Since then, the director, mostly in collaboration with his companion Chingiz Karibekov, devoted himself to shooting music videos and commercials.


Karibekov was born in Kazakhstan in 1992, but moved to Belgium at a young age with his mother. He studied at RITCS and co-wrote Boi and Da Yie with Nti. Together they wrote the VRT mini-series The Shaq, in which a personal trainer is the main character. The duo is currently preparing their first feature film, Postcard, which will be loosely based on the book Fata Morgana by Belgian-Nigerian writer Chika Unigwe. “Chingiz and I have been ping-ponging ideas for ten years. We can criticise each other's pitches and have no problem mercilessly running each other into the ground. Film is a team sport,” Nti comments humorously on their collaboration.

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