09 20 Oct '24
NIEUW Colin Stetson x Ildiko Enyedi

Colin Stetson x Ildikó Enyedi

25 composers, 25 filmmakers, 25 ultimate symbioses of music and cinematography that fit completely within the DNA of Film Fest Gent and the World Soundtrack Awards. For the unique 2x25 project, the festival asked 25 composers to compose a short piece of music, after which 25 filmmakers made a short film. The result: 25 exceptional films where the music inspired the form, narrative and texture.

My Fear in My Arms

20200204 Colin Stetson Ebru Yildiz 180 min

Colin Stetson

Bass saxophonist Colin Stetson is such a virtuoso with his instrument that he single-handedly performs what would otherwise take three or four saxophonists. His performances are breathtaking, but that does not bother him much himself: through a special breathing technique, he manages to blow uninterrupted air into his sax. Born on 3 March 1975 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Stetson became fascinated by the saxophone when he saw the Australian new wave band Men at Work playing. After an intensive education, he moved to San Francisco hoping to meet Tom Waits there. After a year and a half, he started touring with Arcade Fire and Bon Iver, which also led to collaborations with Lou Reed, Sinead O'Connor, Feist and Animal Collective, among others. His first solo album New History Warfare Vol. 1 was lauded and received another Vol. 2 and 3.

Hereditary© Hereditary

As some filmmakers occasionally wanted to use his music, Stetson felt like composing film music himself. He got the chance to collaborate on De rouille et d'os and 12 Years a Slave but his first score was for Alexandre Moors' Blue Caprice from 2013. His most recent work is also his best, which began in 2018 with Hereditary, a score that one critic described as having the effect of an LSD trip. With his narrative music, he starts from an instrument whose sound he imbues with many layers through technical interventions. Hereditary was followed by Color Out of Space, Mayday, Among the Stars, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Menu. Yet Stetson does not want to be pigeonholed by the horror genre, he prefers dark science fiction.

Ildikó Enyedi

Hungarian filmmaker Ildikó Enyedi (born in Budapest on 15 November 1955) has had two film lives so far. She got off to a blistering start in 1989 with her debut film My 20th Century, which won the Camera d'Or at Cannes. After a few more films, things remained quiet for 18 years until she presented her On Body and Soul at the Berlinale in 2017, where it was promptly awarded the Golden Bear. Since then, she has been at it again without a break.

My 20th century© My 20th Century

Ildikó Enyedi studied economics before starting film studies at the Drama and Film Academy in Budapest in 1980. She continued these studies in Montpellier. Afterwards, she was active in the fine arts and became a member of the independent Balázs Béla Stúdió. After My 20th Century, an impression of a century of achievements and shortcomings, she began teaching at the university from where she graduated. In 1994, her second film Magic Hunter was screened in Venice, which was also the case for her Tamas and Juli in 1997. She also worked on the tv series Terapia for HBO Europe. Her On Body and Soul, in which a man and a woman meet first in a dream and then in reality, surprised everyone, and her next film, The Story of My Wife, in which a sailor resolves to marry the first woman who walks into his pub, was again good for a spot in the official selection of Cannes. Anno 2023, Enyedi is working on the production of Silent Friend, a film set in Marburg that tells three stories that span a century and are linked by a tree. A multi-layered story, as we have come to expect from Enyedi.

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