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FFG Offroad - Cidade de Deus

Film Still Cidade de Deus
News 11 Mar 2024
On 11 May, you can watch Cidade de Deus (City of God), a film by Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund, for free in an open-air setting. Join us for this open-air screening, hosted by Film Fest Gent, Jeugdhuis Nieuw Gent, and Circusplaneet vzw, at the Titannick site in Nieuw Gent. Additionally, expect a supporting act featuring live music by local talent and more!
Openlucht rode loper

FFG Offroad

Film Fest Gent steps outside the cinema walls! In collaboration with several partners in Ghent, the festival will screen films outdoors and in surprising locations. Moreover, the screenings will be accompanied by music, talents and food.

The choice of film was easily made. In May, the youth house welcomes a group of Brazilian youngsters from Vila Cruzeiro, one of Rio de Janeiro's most violent favelas. Their visit is part of a larger project called 'Ghent x Vila Cruzeiro'. The young people will spend a whole week working together. Both our young people and the Brazilians consider it a unique opportunity to screen this film together. The Brazilian visitors will provide additional context to the film, which will only intensify their experience.
Brahim El Mansouri Jeugdhuis Nieuw Gent

Film Fest Gent Offroad is more than film. Prior to the film, Jeugdhuis Nieuw Gent presents a support act. At 18:00, a live podcast by A Tripod Cast starts and concerts by (local) musical talent such as Dzidi, DTunsi, Mehdi Bouhafs, Farrox, Dajyant and DJ rodriguezz. The Brazilian visitors will also perform with their hip-hop group 'PH Gang'. The film starts at 21:30.


18:00 21:30 Location & Entrance

Live Podcast - Concerts - Food & drinks

Film screening - Cidade de Deus

Site Titannick - Nieuw Gent - Free entry

About the film

Cidade de Deus tells the story that follows the lives of two boys, Rocket and Lil' Zé. Their paths separate when Rocket dreams of a career as a photographer, while Lil' Zé grows into a drug lord. Through Rocket's eyes, the story is told of drugs, violence, and the struggle to survive in Rio de Janeiro's most dangerous slums, as he tries to escape the cycle of violence and pursue his dreams.

Jeugdhuis Nieuw Gent x Vila Cruzeiro

Ghent x Vila Cruzeiro

In May 2024, Avansa region Ghent and numerous partners will realize a special project during 'Ghent Youth Capital 2024'. 'Ghent X Vila Cruzeiro' brings five young Brazilians from one of Rio de Janeiro's most violent favelas to Ghent for an exchange with young people from Nieuw Gent, Gent Dampoort, Rabot, and Ledeberg. The young people will exchange stories, discuss their lives, and search together for what they need to make their future a reality. Together, they will brainstorm how to convey their message to policymakers in a creative way. Partners in this project include vzw Minus One, vzw Ocup, vzw Formaat, vzw Jong, vzw Hip Hop Hooray, vzw Jong Gent in Actie, de Centrale, and Stad Gent.

The Ghent x Vila Cruzeiro project is made possible thanks to the support of Ghent European Youth Capital 2024 and JINT vzw (Erasmus+). The Brazilians are making the trip to Belgium thanks to the support of the Liedts-Meesen Foundation. The godfather of the project is Lawrence Liedts.

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Jeugdhuis Nieuw Gent

Jeugdhuis Nieuw Gent

Jeugdhuis Nieuw Gent is a youth centre in the Nieuw Gent district of Ghent. The youth centre organises push-in moments on Thursdays, indoor football on Fridays, numerous activities in the weekend, as well as a studio operation and multi-day camps for children and young people. It focuses on co-ownership of children and young people in creating a leisure offer and establishing links with other policy areas (culture, work and education).

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