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José Luis Garci

Volver a empezar

Edition 1984
87' - 1982 - Drama - Dialogue: Spanish, English
Director: José Luis Garci With: Antonio Ferrandis, Encarna Paso, José Bódalo
Antonio Albajara is a successful poet and teacher in the Berkeley University that returns to Gijón (Principality of Asturias, north to Spain). He travels there looking for everything that he left behind in his youth when he turned a well-known poet and writer in Mexico and USA, winning the Nobel prize with time. In Gijón he meets again with his past in Roxiu, an old friend (both played in the Sporting of Gijón's soccer team years ago) and Elena, his great-love of past times. Through his memory, his friends and Elena, Antonio starts an unforgettable journey by everyone.

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José Luis Garci


Antonio Ferrandis, Encarna Paso, José Bódalo


José Luis Garci, Ángel Llorente

Director of Photography

Manuel Rojas


Miguel González Sinde


José Luis Merino, José Luis Garci, Diego Gómez Sempere

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Spanish, English

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