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Shō Miyake

Small, Slow But Steady (ケイコ目を澄ませて)

Director Shō Miyake Cast Yukino Kishii, Toko Miura, Masaki Miura
99' - 2022 - Drama - Dialogue: Japanese
In the true story Small, Slow But Steady, deaf-born boxer Keiko Ogasawara fights for recognition and her boxing community in Tokyo. As if Yasujirō Ozu, the Japanese master of serenity and the everyday, were directing the American sports drama Million Dollar Baby ...
Boxing films may be as old as cinema itself, a story like that of Japan's Small, Slow But Steady still has the power to move and surprise. The film paints a portrait of Keiko Ogasawara, a professional boxer who was born deaf. Director Shô Miyake and his co-screenwriter drew on Ogasawara's autobiography and took the liberty of moving a key moment in her life to the first year of the corona pandemic. It's the emotional truth that matters. Ogasawara's struggle becomes that of a community, her ageing trainer and his independent boxing school in a Tokyo suburb. Unsentimental, but a sensitive as the grain in the cinematography of Hidetoshi Shinomiya, who was also responsible for the beautifully shot Drive My Car.
"More concerned with the wear and tear of everyday life than pummeling sound and fury, director Shô Miyake’s measured, unsentimental adaptation turns out to be somewhat aptly described by its own title, though none of those adjectives quite conveys its rare and delicate grace." - Variety

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Shō Miyake


Yukino Kishii, Toko Miura, Masaki Miura


Shō Miyake, Masaaki Sakai

Director of Photography

Yuta Tsukinaga


Keiko Okawa


Koichiro Fukushima, Masahiro Handa, Keisuke Konishi, Shunsuke Koga

Production studios

Comme des cinemas, Nagoya Broadcasting Network


Imagine Film Distribution

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Countries of production

Japan, France




Shō Miyake
Playback (2012), The Cockpit (2015), 4:45 2nd Chance (short, 2016), Misshi to bannin (2017), And Your Bird Can Sing (2018), Wild Tour (2019), Small, Slow But Steady (2022)