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July Jung

Next Sohee (다음 소희)

Edition 2022
134' - 2022 - Mystery, Drama, Thriller - Dialogue: Korean
Director: July Jung Composer: Jang Young-gyu With: Doona Bae, Kim Si-eun
Next Sohee is a powerful indictment of exploitation in Korean workplaces, where numbers matter more than people. July Jung's sophomore feature is a haunting but empathetic plea for change.
Sohee is a high school student focusing on a job training education. Hoping for a good job, Sohee starts a job training at a subcontracted call center, but she faces big pressure of greedy company. It is too hard for high school student to bear this situation and it leads to her death. Detective Oh Yu-jin, who has something in common with Sohee, becomes in charge of this case. She starts to follow traces to reveal the causes of her death.
“A scathing look at Korean society and the exploitation of its youth, Next Sohee is another searing piece of socially-conscious drama by July Jung, whose anger and despair are apparent throughout. A powerful, searching effort which pulls no punches.” - easternKicks

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July Jung


Jang Young-gyu


Doona Bae, Kim Si-eun


July Jung

Director of Photography

Kim Il-yeon


Lee Young-im, Han Ji-youn


Kim Dong-ha, Kim Ji-yeon

Production studios

Crank-up Film

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Countries of production

South Korea




July Jung
A Man Under the Influenza (short, 2007), 11 (short, 2008), Dog That Came Into My Flash (short, 2010), A Girl at My Door (2014), Next Sohee (2022)

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