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Tom d'Angremond

Sempre più difficile

Edition 1983
85' - 1981 - Documentary - Dialogue: Italian
Director: Tom d'Angremond Composer: Roberto De Simone With: Alberto Colombaioni, Carlo Colombaioni, Nani Colombaioni
This documentary is about the Italian small family circus, based on the old street theatre of the Commedia dell'Arte. Since World War II, they have diminished in number and today hardly exist anymore. They simply can't compete with modern times entertainment, symbolized by television. The film portrays and follows the Colombaioni family, six brothers and two sisters, their children and grand children. Most of them work in their own small circus(father, mother, children). Two of the brothers, Carlo and Alberto left the circus and now have a theatre show, based on their improvisation skills that they learned in the circus. The family is known by their collaboration with Frederico Fellini and Dario Fo. They appeared in many a Fellini movie -o.a. La Strada, Le Notti di Cabiria and I Clown.

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Tom d'Angremond


Roberto De Simone


Alberto Colombaioni, Carlo Colombaioni, Nani Colombaioni


Tom d'Angremond

Director of Photography

Albert van der Wildt


Jan Dop


Willem Thijssen

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Countries of production

The Netherlands



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