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Zifeng Ling

Rickshaw Boy (Luo tuo Xiang Zi)

Edition 1984
123' - 1982 - Historical, Drama - Dialogue: Mandarin
Director: Zifeng Ling Composer: Xixian Qu With: Zongxiang Guan, Gaowa Siqin, Bide Yan
Xiang Zi is a rickshaw boy who has always had a desire to excel and a thirst for freedom. He married Hu Niu who died of dystocia later. After her death, another girl, Xiao Fuzi, falls in love with Xiang Zi but they are separated by poverty. Xiang Zi works very hard in order to change his life, only to find that Xiao Fuzi is dead just as he begins to be hopeful for their future. Finally, Xiang Zi, an unflinching man, surrenders to that dark society.

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Zifeng Ling


Xixian Qu


Zongxiang Guan, Gaowa Siqin, Bide Yan

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Screenplay based on

"Luo tuo Xiang Zi" (Lao-She)



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