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Ery Claver

Our Lady of the Chinese Shop (Nossa Senhora da Loja do Chinês)

Edition 2022
98' - 2022 - Drama - Dialogue: Portuguese, Mandarin
Director: Ery Claver Composer: Ismael Suama With: Cláudia Púcuta, David Caracol, Willi Ribeiro
A mysterious statue of the Virgin Mary is supposed to bring relief to the inhabitants of post-colonial Luanda in the Angolan allegory Our Lady of the Chinese Shop. How many miracles can a plastic figure make possible?
When a Chinese merchant brings to a neighbourhood of Luanda a peculiar holy plastic figure of Our Lady, a mourning mother will seek peace, a committed barber starts a new cult and a stray kid will look for revenge for his lost friend. This bizarre urban tale will reveal a family and city facade full of resentment, greed and torment.
"An unsettling postmodern cacophony as provocative as it is daring, a perfect summation of this work of extraordinary importance in terms of contemporary African cinema, and its perpetual quest to look back at the past while forging its way towards the future." - International Cinephile Society

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Ery Claver


Ismael Suama


Cláudia Púcuta, David Caracol, Willi Ribeiro


Ery Claver

Director of Photography

Eduardo Kropotkine


Zeno Monyak


Jorge Cohen

Production studios

Geração 80

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Portuguese, Mandarin

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Ery Claver
Lúcia no Céu com Semáforos (short, 2021), Our Lady of the Chinese Shop (2022)

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