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Aleksandr Sokurov

Fairytale (Сказка)

Edition 2022
78' - 2022 - Avant-Garde / Experimental, Animated film - Dialogue: German, Italian, Georgian, French, English
Director: Aleksandr Sokurov Composer: Murat Kabardokov With: Alexander Sagabashi, Lothar Deeg, Tim Ettelt, Vakhtang Kuchava
Russian film auteur Sokurov places Hitler, Stalin, Churchill and others in a deepfake purgatory.
Once upon a time there were two tramps... no... - three... No, it's four... But there were others, many different ones... I knew them. For a long time. Many years. But it was with them that I was cramped to be around. Then something happened and they disappeared.
And for many years I didn't know anything about them.
Once upon a time... and there were four of them...
I was immersed in life and new troubles. But in recent years, from time to time, an inexplicable came to me, a feeling that someone was walking around me, walking, walking...
At night I could hear voices, fragments of complex questions, words in foreign languages, moans, the howl of millions of voices...
An inexplicable excitement seized me...
That night the sky opened up...
and off it went…
"Set in a purgatorial space in which the infernal quartet of Second World War dictators (Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, and Churchill) appears as if resurrected in death, Sokurov reanimates their bygone ghosts to remind us of the vanities and horrors of the 20th century; that while they may be invisible, they still persist and haunt the present." - In Review Online

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Aleksandr Sokurov


Murat Kabardokov


Alexander Sagabashi, Lothar Deeg, Tim Ettelt, Vakhtang Kuchava


Aleksandr Sokurov


Nikolay Yankin, Natalia Smagina

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German, Italian, Georgian, French, English

Countries of production

Russia, Belgium




Aleksandr Sokurov
The Elegy from Russia (1993), Whispering Pages (1994), Dukhovnye golosa. Iz dnevnikov voyny. Povestvovanie v pyati chastyakh (1995), A Humble Life (1997), Dolce... (2000), Taurus (2001), Elegy of a Voyage (2001), Russian Ark (2002), Father and Son (2003), The Sun (2005), Elegy of Life: Rostropovich, Vishnevskaya (2006), Alexandra (2007), Reading Book of Blockade (2009), Intonatsiya (2010), Intonatsiya. Vladimir Yakunin (2010), We Need Happiness (2010), Faust (2011), Francofonia (2015), Fairytale (2022)

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