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Ki-Yong Park

Nakta(dul) (Camel(s))

90' - 2001 - Drama - Dialogue: Korean
Director: Ki-Yong Park Composer: Jin-suk Park With: Lee Dae-yeon, Park Myung-shin
Camels. ‘Even in the desert, where the air is dry and the sun burns, where the night is extremely cold, where there is always a sandstorm blowing and where no plant will grow, even there they survive. And apparently their eyes are always moist.’
A man and a woman meet each other. They both have a family, but feel the necessity to leave together. They drive to a hotel by the sea. Only on the way does the man ask the woman her name. They turn out to have a lot in common, both their fathers were schoolteachers, they both grew up on the coast and neither of them managed to study medicine. But these similarities are not the cause of their joint flight. The real reason is that they are exhausted.
Camel(s) is set in a hotel. Not a hotel room where panting can be heard through the thin walls, but where suppressed human emotions escape with a sigh. Catalogue International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2002)

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Fa30ae33 0818 4155 b8f1 b49a17a1e37b



Ki-Yong Park


Jin-suk Park


Lee Dae-yeon, Park Myung-shin


Ki-Yong Park

Director of Photography

Chan-min Choi


Ki-Yong Park


Choong-gil Ko

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South Korea



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