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Todd Haynes

May December

113' - 2023 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: English
Director: Todd Haynes Composer: Marcelo Zarvos With: Natalie Portman, Julianne Moore, Charles Melton
In Todd Haynes' dark and deliciously funny melodrama May December, Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman play a mysterious cat-and-mouse game of seduction, naivety and performance.
You don't need to teach American filmmaker Todd Haynes (Far from Heaven, Carol) anything about directing actors, creating mood and staging meta-melodramas. May December, a deliciously crafted psychodrama that looks as cerebral as it is seductive, makes that delightfully clear. "It's the complexity, the moral gray areas, that are so interesting," says Elizabeth (Natalie Portman), an actress looking to take her career to the next level. In this darker cousin of Carol, Haynes lets Elizabeth in on the life of Gracie (Julianne Moore), twenty years after she ended up in jail for seducing then-thirteen-year-old Joe as a thirty-something. After all, the actress is going to portray Gracie in a film about the scandal. Gracie and Joe are now married, but is their marriage based on abuse or romance? With as much pleasure as control, Haynes stages a flirtatious game between dysfunctional individuals, as if Ingmar Bergman is discovering his campy side.
"Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman circle each other like wary warrior queens in Todd Haynes' twisty age-gap drama, shot through with dark, glittering threads of comedy. His attentive craftmanship, plus the two actresses having a cheerfully perverse blast, keep the movie clicking." - Time

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Todd Haynes


Marcelo Zarvos


Natalie Portman, Julianne Moore, Charles Melton


Samy Burch, Alex Mechanik

Director of Photography

Christopher Blauvelt


Affonso Gonçalves


Will Ferrell, Grant S. Johnson, Pamela Koffler, Tyler W. Konney, Sophie Mas, Natalie Portman, Christine Vachon

Production studios

Gloria Sanchez Productions


The Searchers

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Countries of production

United States of America




Todd Haynes
The Suicide (short, 1978), Assassins: A Film Concerning Rimbaud (short, 1985), Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story (short, 1987), Poison (1991), Dottie Gets Spanked (1993), Safe (1995), Velvet Goldmine (1998), Far From Heaven (2002), I'm Not There (2007), Six by Sondheim (segment, 2013), Carol (2015), Wonderstruck (2017), Dark Waters (2019), The Velvet Underground (2019), May December (2023)

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