09 20 Oct '24
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Ken Loach

The Old Oak

113' - 2023 - Drama - Dialogue: English
Director: Ken Loach Composer: George Fenton With: Dave Turner, Ebla Mari, Claire Rodgerson
In his self-proclaimed final film, Ken Loach - master of British social realism - takes up the hatchet once more for those whom British politics has abandoned. The eternal humanist rallies one more time for solidarity between all, this time by showing us a clash in Northern England between locals and Syrian refugees. 'The Old Oak' is the last pub standing.
Unless 87-year-old Ken Loach returns to filmmaking after proclaiming he's retiring, The Old Oak is the very last film of the legendary, militant director and two-time Palme d'Or winner. His farewell is the final part - after I, Daniel Blake and Sorry We Missed You - of a trilogy about the disastrous consequences of failing British politics in the Northeast. In a former mining village, the pub 'The Old Oak' is the only remaining refuge for the impoverished workers, but owner TJ is running on empty. Hope has drained from the locals. When Syrian refugees are placed in the village without consultation, two neglected communities are condemned to each other. Loach and screenwriter Paul Laverty's final morality play is yet another rallying cry agains racism, social dumping and apathetic politics, and a warm ode to the power of solidarity. Is it so naive to believe that cinema can bring us together? It really isn't, according to Loach.
"The mighty oak that is Ken Loach may be retiring, but here's hoping he's scattered some acorns. His final film - set in a small ex-mining town in the north of England - is a sincere account of solidarity against the forces of anti-refugee racism. Loach's socially conscious spirit is as alive as ever." - IndieWire
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Amal and Taalcafé Mundial invite you at the Film Fest Café for a special night. After the screening of Ken Loach's moving drama The Old Oak you can take a seat at one of the many language tables in the Film Fest Café for a casual conversation in the language you want to practice.

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Ken Loach


George Fenton


Dave Turner, Ebla Mari, Claire Rodgerson


Paul Laverty

Director of Photography

Robbie Ryan


Jonathan Morris


Rebecca O'Brien

Production studios

StudioCanal UK



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Countries of production

Belgium, United Kingdom, France




Ken Loach
Poor Cow (1967), Kes (1969), Family Life (1971), Talk About Work (short, 1971), Black Jack (1979), The Gamekeeper (1980), Looks and Smiles (1981), Which Side Are You On? (1984), Singin the Blues in Red (1986), Hidden Agenda (1990), Riff-Raff (1991), Raining Stones (1993), Ladybird Ladybird (1994), Land and Freedom (1995), Carla's Song (1996), My Name Is Joe (1998), Another City (short, 1998), Bread and Roses (2000), The Navigators (2001), Sweet Sixteen (2002), A Fond Kiss... (2004), Tickets (2005), McLibel (2005), The Wind That Shakes the Barley (2006), It's a Free World... (2007), Looking for Eric (2009), Route Irish (2010), The Angels' Share (2012), The Spirit of '45 (2013), Jimmy's Hall (2014), I, Daniel Blake (2016), Sorry We Missed You (2019), The Old Oak (2023)

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