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Sílvia das Fadas

Luz, Clarão, Fulgor — Augúrios para um Enquadramento Não Hierárquico e Venturoso (Light, Blaze, Fulgor — Auguries for a Non-hierarchical Framing and Flourishing)

Edition 2021
85' - 2021 - Dialogue: English
Director: Sílvia das Fadas
This film was sparked by the anarchist António Gonçalves Correia and his communal experiments.

This film was sparked by the anarchist António Gonçalves Correia and his communal experiments – first, Comuna da Luz (The Commune of Light), in Vale de Santiago/Odemira (1917-18), followed by Comuna Clarão (The Blaze Commune), in Albarraque/Sintra (1926). Metamorphosing itself in different iterations, this expanded film anticipates a fulgurous de-hierarchization of the act of seeing, while attempting to offer a pedagogy of land and conviviality in the bioregion of Alentejo.

In the presence of Sílvia das Fadas

Stubbornly looking at the ruins of a commune we search for auguries. For instance: ‘Fair weather for drifters. We wander by foot across times, erratically shooting images and recording sounds through the kaleidoscopic spatiality of Alentejo, a Portuguese region named after a river, beyond a river. As walking offers unexpected encounters and co-presences, missives are sent to and from the margins. For instance: ‘growing organs for the alternative.’ Our senses are partial, precarious and fragmentary, but not our orientation: There is an everyday struggle for the fulgor being fought and we want to be in it. Against a firmament of dispossession of land, bodies and social bonds, we are getting ready. For instance: ‘On the level!’ The fulgor is mobile, the prefigured community dispersed and diverse. Through dissent and associations of affinity, autonomy and re-enchantment, the offer of cinema could be to let us flourish in non-hierarchical frames. (Sílvia das Fadas)

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Sílvia das Fadas

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Austria, Germany, Portugal



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