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Kitty Kino


Edition 1984
100' - 1983 - Drama, Sport - Dialogue: German
Director: Kitty Kino Composer: Heinz Leonhardsberger With: Marie Colbin, Renée Felden, Gerhard Rühmkorf
Judit is up to her neck in art studies and the elitist art community but chucks it all to pursue a successful career as a billiard professional – not exactly a likely alternative in real life, but certainly more lucrative. Just as she is finally at the apex of her chosen second field, Judit encounters male jealously and/or aggression in the form of intentional snubs from this different class of snobs, or in the worse instances, rape. Director Kitty Kino portrays many of the male figures in this film as weak, or drunk, or simply offensive, and because of the emphasis on those traits, the film will raise objections from some viewers. On the other hand, many women might see this film and feel that at least it brings up the difficulties women can face in getting ahead in a male-dominated arena, instead of side-stepping or ignoring the role of male prejudice.

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Kitty Kino


Heinz Leonhardsberger


Marie Colbin, Renée Felden, Gerhard Rühmkorf


Kitty Kino, Reinhard Meirer

Director of Photography

Tamas Ujlaki


Claudia Rieneck

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