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Bill Tammer

Journey to the End of Night

74' - 1983 - Documentary - Dialogue: English
Director: Bill Tammer With: Bill Neave Jr., Bill Neave, Connie Neave
The recollections of a shattered and traumatised man, a former escapee from the advancing Japanese army relates the horrors of war, his doubts and misgivings of the support of comrades, his fear for the loss of his best friend, and of course, his own fear of dying. “Journey to the End of Night” is the diary of a soldier. Although it was filmed forty years after the event, it is a timeless universal testimony because of its power and emotion. It is the voice of an individual raised against the violence, the horror and the futility of war. The film raises one question which continues to haunt us: a soldier is trained to kill, but not to commit murder. Who can draw the line?

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Ee0d4658 6ba5 47a9 b814 9a613d9a7bad



Bill Tammer


Bill Neave Jr., Bill Neave, Connie Neave


Bill Tammer

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Bill Tammer


Bill Tammer

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