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Rainer Hartleb, Staffan Lindqvist


Edition 1983
58' - 1982 - Documentary
Director: Rainer Hartleb, Staffan Lindqvist
A semi-documentary about two young people, which shows their relationship to parents, friends, love and maybe most of all, to the future. Hasse is 25; he's a singer in a rock'n'roll band and works during the day in a children's leisure centre. Johanna is 16 and when she meets Hasse, she has just left school. Both are children of the Swedish welfare state, of the seventies and of the city. This is the first serious love of their lives; they are leaving their youth behind and stand at the threshold of adulthood. Growing up seems inevitable to them, but they are apprehensive about it.

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Fdbeebb1 4ad8 434b a32f 4603f8207d9f
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Rainer Hartleb, Staffan Lindqvist

Director of Photography

Staffan Lindqvist


Anders Holt

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