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Hella Joof

En kort en lang

Edition 2002
98' - 2001 - Drama, Comedy, Romance - Dialogue: Danish, Danish
Director: Hella Joof With: Mads Mikkelsen, Charlotte Munck, Troels Lyby
Jacob and Caroline are falling in love. A simple matter apart from the fact that Jacob has a relationship with Jørgen, and Caroline lives with Tom, a pilot who happens to be Jørgen’s brother. Tom is unaware of the budding relationship, but Jørgen can't help but notice what's going on ‚ and when confronted by Jørgen, Jacob confesses to the affair. Heartbroken, Jørgen storms out on Christmas Eve and winds up in a car accident with severe consequences: he is blind in one eye. Jacob is plagued by guilt‚ but still cannot keep his hands off Caroline. Jacob and Jørgen reconcile and start from scratch, but when Caroline discovers that she's pregnant, Jacob is lost to the family project. He leaves Jørgen and, infuriating his friends, moves in with Caroline until he stops to reconsider and finally makes his choice ...

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Hella Joof


Mads Mikkelsen, Charlotte Munck, Troels Lyby


Hella Joof, Klaus Bondam

Director of Photography

Eric Kress


Anders Villadsen


Thomas Gammeltoft, Frank Hübner

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Danish, Danish

Countries of production

Denmark, Germany, Denmark, Germany



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