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Radu Gabrea

Ein mann wie Eva (A Man Like Eva)

Director Radu Gabrea Cast Eva Mattes, Lisa Kreuzer, Werner Stocker
Edition 1984
92' - 1984 - Drama, Biography - Dialogue: German
A bearded director named EVA, a fictive Rainer Werner Fassbinder, lives in a large house with his cast and crew as he films Dumas' Lady of the Camellias. His accountant informs him he has many unpaid bills and little cash on hand. EVA throws a fit and fires him. He then proceeds to play one person off against another, dismiss with cruelty his recent lover Ali, sleep openly with his leading lady Gudrun, and make a direct and public play for his leading man, Walter. He's mercurial, dictatorial, and manic. Will he finish the film, having drawn great performances from his actors through his manipulations, or will his antics set events in motion that spin out of his control?

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Radu Gabrea


Eva Mattes, Lisa Kreuzer, Werner Stocker


Radu Gabrea, Horst Schier, Laurens Straub

Director of Photography

Horst Schier


Dragos Witkowski


Horst Schier, Bertram Vetter, Laurens Straub

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West Germany