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Felix de Rooy


Director Felix de Rooy Composer Ronald Snijders Cast Marianne Rolle, Dan Strayhorn, Cynthia Belgrave
Edition 1984
96' - 1984 - Drama - Dialogue: English
Set in Brooklyn, New York this Dutch film is based on a true story that appeared on a New York newspaper in 1980. Desirée lives in the past. A series of flashbacks expose us to her psychologically troubled childhood very much affected by a promiscous mother. Her present life evolves around three people: her employer Mrs. Resnick, Freddy, her lover and Father Siego, leader of the church "The True Confessors". Desirée's relationship with each one of these characters is at the origin of her falling apart. Freddy is an insecure black man who finishes their love affair with a sad note, Father Siego is the leader of a rigid narrow-minded religious sect and Mrs Resnick is a racist, prejudiced white woman who feels black people are inferior and incapable of living their own live. Rejected by all because of her pregnancy, Desirée blames her child as the source of evil. She is then possessed by evil and wants to exorcise it. The only way is to get rid of her daughter...

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Felix de Rooy


Ronald Snijders


Marianne Rolle, Dan Strayhorn, Cynthia Belgrave


Norman de Palm

Director of Photography

Ernest R. Dickerson


Edgar Burcksen, Jacobus Marcus


Norman de Palm

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Countries of production

The Netherlands