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Bigas Luna


Edition 1983
90' - 1979 - Mystery, Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: Spanish
Director: Bigas Luna With: Àngel Jové, Consol Tura, Linda Pérez Gallardo

Bernardo and Eloísa are two siblings who belong to the Catalan high bourgeoisie. From their ancestors they have inherited a huge old mansion, practically abandoned, and nothing more. The rest of his family inheritance has flown. However, they are not willing to show their elitist friends who are in financial trouble. For that reason they pretend to live in style, surrounded by luxuries and comforts, although the sad truth is that they barely have enough to eat and live on the alms of their elderly Aunt Lina. Only Dany, a small poodle dog that lives with them, knows the precarious way of life of their owners. And, curiously, thanks to this dog his problems will be solved. When Lina dies, fulfilling the desire of her nephews to collect her inheritance, she leaves all her fortune to someone unexpected. And from that moment the life of the two them will have to adapt.

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Bigas Luna


Àngel Jové, Consol Tura, Linda Pérez Gallardo


Bigas Luna

Director of Photography

Pedro Aznar


Anastasi Rinos

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