09 20 Oct '24

Kay Pollak

Älska mej (Love me!)

126' - 1986 - Drama - Dialogue: Swedish
Director: Kay Pollak Composer: Thomas Lindahl, Allan Pettersson With: Anna Lindén, Örjan Ramberg, Tomas Fryk
Sussie, a 14 year old girl, has always lived in foster homes. She has an alcoholic mother who is not allowed any contact with her. Sussie is given a last chance to leave her institutional life behind her; she is to spend a weekend with her “new” parents, who live by the sea. If this doesn't work, an approved school is the only alternative. Sussie wants her new parents to love and like her just as they do their own children, Thomas and Ann. For Thomas, Sussie's presence represents a change. He falls in love. When she runs off with him to study the autumn migration of birds he reveals his love for her. But Sussie can't stand this turn of events and she runs off to Stockholm; the start of a series of events …

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Kay Pollak


Thomas Lindahl, Allan Pettersson


Anna Lindén, Örjan Ramberg, Tomas Fryk


Kay Pollak, Binnie Kristal-Andersson, Johanna Hald

Director of Photography

Roland Sterner


Thomas Holéwa


Anders Birkeland, Staffan Hedqvist, Anders Lindström, Göran Lindström

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