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Navin Gooneratne

A 1.000 Flowers

Edition 1984
90' - 1983 - Drama
Director: Navin Gooneratne Composer: Premasiri Khemadasa With: Mallika Sarabhai, My Lai Amarapitak, Navin Gooneratne
Called "a moving hymn to peace" by French critics, this film by Navin Gooneratne and Wickremaratne follows three Asians on their journey from Asia to France, where they will participate in the folklore festivals of Gannat and Confolens. Pravin is the central figure: he organises a dance group together with the Indian dancer Durga. Looking for dancers in Thailand, they come across a group of boat refugees from Vietnam. Among them is My Lai, a young woman torn apart by the horrors she and so many others have had to endure in her country. She goes with Pravin. Gradually Pravin falls under the spell of the Vietnamese. This film is not a tearful melo; the ideas it seeks to develop are noble, and the photography is at times of high quality, despite the modest means and lack of technical expertise. Shooting took place in France, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand. Total cost: about $500,000.

At the world premiere in Vichy, the film was very well received. This may have something to do with the brilliant way in which the various dances follow one another at an almost diabolical pace and with the colourful message of peace conveyed by an enormous bouquet of flowers. Part of the proceeds of the film goes to the United Nations Refugee Fund.



Navin Gooneratne


Premasiri Khemadasa


Mallika Sarabhai, My Lai Amarapitak, Navin Gooneratne


Dharmasiri Wickremaratne

Director of Photography

Donald Karunaratne


Navin Gooneratne

More information

Countries of production

Thailand, Sri Lanka



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