Directors who speak beautifully about their work are the ones we like to invite! Hang on every word of the most interesting filmmakers of the moment during our Director's Talks. Ken Loach, Lois Patiño and Ryûsuke Hamaguchi will be visiting Gent.
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Ken Loach

Wed 18.10 - 18:30 - Kinepolis 2
→ In combination with The Old Oak

In 2016, Ken Loach won a Joseph Plateau Honorary Award at Film Fest Gent. Seven years later, he returns with his very last film, The Old Oak. The ever-militant and combative director earned worldwide acclaim with his gripping drama Kes, conquering the hearts of hard-working Brits as well as the cinephile in the decades that followed. No filmmakes has devoted so much of his work to the life and suffering of the working class. Even today, Loach believes in the power of cinema. After the screening of The Old Oak, he takes ample time to look back on his career.

Lois Patino mayo 2023

Lois Patiño

Mon 16.10 - 16:30 - Sphinx 3
→ In combination with a short film retrospective and Samsara

Director Lois Patiño has a highly unique cinematic language. With his feature film Samsara, he even wanted to make a film that can be experienced with your eyes closed. After a retrospective of his short work, Patiño delves into his oeuvre.

Ishibashi Hamaguchi

Ryûsuke Hamaguchi & Eiko Ishibashi

WSA Film Music Days: Creative Partnership
Fri 20.10 - 16:30 - Kinepolis 8

In Eiko Ishibashi's multifaceted oeuvre Ryûsuke Hamaguchi recognised a contemporary and a fellow cinephile. The score of his Oscar winner Drive My Car was born. Furthermore, Hamaguchi's new film, Evil Does Not Exist, saw the light of day after Ishibashi asked him to create images to accompany her music. These dialogue-free images became Gift, the film that will have its world premiere at Film Fest Gent, with a live score performed by Eiko Ishibashi.