09 20 Oct '24
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100 Years of Disney Animation - A Shorts Celebration (4+)

Edition 2023 Kidsproof
The Walt Disney Company celebrates its centenary this year and that calls for a birthday party for young and old! Dive into the vault of the world-famous dream factory for a unique selection of films from a century of animation magic.
In 1923, a young cartoonist moved to Hollywood to make animated films. His name: Walt Disney. His adventure started small, tiny even, with a little mouse called Mickey. But in the decades to come, his characters would win hearts worldwide. For a century, Disney's imaginative stories have been making people from all ages dream with their eyes open. And the fairy tale seems far from over ... Celebrate the centenary of the House of the Mouse with this joyous collection of films for the whole family, live presented by Disney. The films come straight from the vault of The Walt Disney Company to the big screen. Feel the early magic a black-and-white classic like Steamboat Willie and discover the same wonder in Oscar-winner Paperman. Laugh along with Donald Duck's jokes and antics in Clock Cleaners and Trailer Horn. And let yourself be mesmerised by the colours and music of The Old Mill!
“To commemorate the 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company, Animation Studios president Clark Spencer has curated a number of his favourite shorts, several rarely seen treasures from the studio’s early years when sound and Mickey Mouse were first introduced to the world.” - Screen Daily

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