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Jack Hannah

Lambert the Sheepish Lion

Edition 2023
8' - 1951 - Comedy, Short - Dialogue: English
Director: Jack Hannah Composer: Joseph Dubin With: Sterling Holloway, June Foray, Stan Freberg
This film is part of 100 Years of Disney Animation - A Shorts Celebration.
Lions are known for their bravery, but because of a stork's mistake, the lion Lambert was raised by a sheep and therefore as sweet as a lamb. A hungry wolf could do with an innocent lamb ... Will Lambert find the courage to protect his family from the dangerous wolf?

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Jack Hannah


Joseph Dubin


Sterling Holloway, June Foray, Stan Freberg


Bill Peet, Ralph Wright, Milt Banta


Walt Disney


Walt Disney Motion Pictures Belgium

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Countries of production

United States of America




Jack Hannah
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