09 20 Oct '24

Wim De Witte

Wim de witte
Function: Programme Director

As Programme Director, Wim De Witte is responsible for the programme choices in the festival's film and film music programme, and the events throughout the year. He graduated in 1992 as Master in Press & Communication Sciences at the UGent with his thesis: "25 Years of Flemish Film: The Cripple Government Policy". In 1988, at the age of 18, he started at Film Fest Gent as an intern and has since then worked in different departments within the festival. Between 1994 and 1997 he was involved in the editing of the catalogue and responsible for the print traffic as a temporary employee. In 1997 he then joined the festival as a fulltime Assistant Programmer. In 2000, he became the film programmer of the festival. He has also been involved in various productional and organisational aspects of the festival (e.g. IT, ticketing, coordination, interns, year round events etc.). Wim has been part of the management team since September 2011. Since January 2019, he is the Programme Director of Film Fest Gent.

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