FFG Sessions with Natalie Holt

Natalie Holt FFG Session 2
News 18 Jan 2024
Film Fest Gent has released a new FFG Session, this time with the British composer and violinist Natalie Holt, in which she plays her music from 'Loki' and 'Fever Dream' together with students from KASK & Conservatory in Ghent. In line with its musical DNA FFG has launched this new format in 2023 aiming to further promote film music as an art form. These Film Fest Gent concert sessions bring together experienced composers for screen and young musicians for an intimate live performance.
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FFG Sessions

Film Fest Gent breathes music. In line with the festival's DNA, there are the FFG Sessions in collaboration with KASK & Conservatory. Experienced composers present their own work and bring select pieces of their oeuvre together with students of KASK & Conservatory. Re-arranged for a small ensemble, the music is performed in the intimate setting of the MIRY Concertzaal after a hands-on rehearsal with the composer.

Natalie Holt Conducting

Natalie Holt

Natalie Holt's carreer has gained momentum in recent years. Following collaborations with the likes of John Williams and Hans Zimmer, Holt herself has earned numerous awards. Her credits are as varied as her musical arrangements. This variation is displayed in Holt's choices for her FFG Session. The epic score for Loki, in a new orchestration, followed by the intimate Fever Dream.

  • Bio Natalie Holt

    Multi-award winning composer Natalie Holt is known equally for large orchestral arrangements and intimate, textural and at times experimental electro-acoustic compositions. Enriched by her experience as a classically trained violinist, Holt’s work exists in the liminal space between orchestral, electronic and contemporary. Some of Natalie Holt’s recent works include Loki and Deadwater Fell (starring David Tennant). Her music can be heard on Wallander (starring Kenneth Branagh), the series Knightfall (starring Mark Hamill), and many more. She has also contributed additional music to Paul King’s Paddington. Holt’s distinction in her field was recognised by being made an Associate of the Royal Academy in 2017. Natalie Holt was also a World Soundtrack Award nominee for the 2021 Discovery of the Year Award (with Infidel) and the Television Composer of the Year Award (for Loki - Season 1), and she became the first woman to score a live-action Star Wars project. In 2022 Natalie Holt, together with John Williams, was recognised at the World Soundtrack Awards with a nomination in the category Television Composer of the Year for her compositions for the Disney+ show Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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Natalie Holt's first piece of this FFG Session is "Loki: TVA Theme" from the Marvel TV series Loki (Disney+). Natalie re-orchestrated the original score, which combines a traditional orchestra with vintage analog synthesizers, Scandinavian folk instruments and the eerie, unsettling electronic sounds of the theremin. For the FFG Sessions, she presents a new chamber music version of the score, showcasing her talent with this fresh and original adaptation.

Fever dream still

"Fever Dream" (Distancia de rescate)

The other piece that the students perform alongside Natalie Holt and composer and violinist Daniel Hart, is "Fever Dream", an ambient piece from a scene in the film Distancia de rescate (or Fever Dream, Netflix) by Claudia Llosa, where one of the characters is rowing a boat, having a nightmarish dream.