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'Tussen de bijen en de tarbot', 'Versailles' and 'Perpetual Night' are awarded at Film Fest Ghent

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News 19 Oct 2020
'Tussen de bijen en de tarbot', the poetic animated short by Linnea Lidegran Correia (KASK) received the Award for Best Belgian Student Short at the closing evening of the short film weekend at Film Fest Ghent. The winner of the ACE Image Factory & The Fridge Audience Award for Best Belgian Short is 'Versailles' by Hyun Lories. 'Perpetual Night' by Pedro Peralta won the Best International Short Award.

On Sunday 18 October, the short film jury - consisting of director and musician Baloji, Bulgarian director Eliza Petkova and director Dorian Jespers, who received an honourable mention in the student short film competition in Ghent last year and won a Tiger Award in Rotterdam - passed its judgement over two different short film competitions at Film Fest Ghent and handed out two awards: the Prize for Best Belgian Student Short and the Best International Short Film Award. In addition, the public was able to vote for their favourite to receive the ACE Image Factory & The Fridge Audience Award for Best Belgian Short Film.

The latter was handed out to Versailles by Hyun Lories (RITCS), who is known for video clips of among others Zwangere Guy as well as his short film Zick Zack. This audience award is a post-production budget of 6,500 euros to support his following project.

Lories was not the only young filmmaker from a Belgian film school that was praised. The short film jury also awarded Linnea Lidegran Correia (KASK) for her animated short Tussen de bijen en de tarbot. She received the Prize for Best Belgian Student Short, worth 5,000 euros, thanks to Amplo. The jury congratulated Linnea Lidegran Correia for the risks she took, for her sense of beauty and her unique voice. The enchanting stream of poetic images impressed and enthralled both the audience and jury.

It is safe to say that the cinematographic opulence in Belgium is assured for several years. In addition, a lot of international up-and-coming film talent also sparkled at the 47th edition of Film Fest Ghent during the International Short Film Competition. The International Short Film Award, worth a post-production budget of 5,000 euros, went to the short film Perpetual Night by Pedro Peralta. In a short video message, the Portuguese filmmaker dedicated the award to everyone who fights for love, freedom and friendship.

"When we came out of the screening, we all agreed immediately that we were in the presence of a director who has things to say and is able to structure his narrative." said the jury. The Iranian film A Horse Has More Blood Than a Human by Abolfazl Talooni received a special mention from the jury.

Watch the aftermovie of the Short Film Weekend of Film Fest Ghent 2020

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