The Loft opens 41st Film Fest Gent

20 Jun 2014
The 41st edition of Film Fest Gent will open on Tuesday 14, October with 'The Loft': Erik Van Looy’s long-awaited American remake of the phenomenal success Loft by Bart De Pauw and Erik Van Looy.

'The Loft' tells the story of five married friends who secretly share a loft, where they receive their girlfriends and mistresses. An excellent scheme that turns out into a nightmare, when one morning they find the body of an anonymous woman in the loft.

Matthias Schoenaerts is the only actor from the original film that also stars as one of the leading roles in this remake. The other four friends are played by Karl Urban ('Star Trek Into Darkness'), James Marsden ('X-Men', '2 Guns'), Wentworth Miller ('Prison Break') and Eric Stonestreet ('Modern Family').

Director Erik Van Looy: "We have come a long way in order to make 'The Loft', but opening Film Fest Gent definitely feels like coming home. Along with 'The Alzheimer Case' ('De zaak Alzheimer') this will be my second feature that will open the renowned festival, and I must say I’m quite proud. I'm already looking forward to the 14th of October and convinced that it will be a beautiful and exciting evening."

Artistic director of Film Fest Gent Patrick Duynslaegher on choosing 'The Loft' as the opening film: "We are very proud to open the 41st Film Fest Gent with 'The Loft', the film that made Erik Van Looy’s, one of our most passionate filmmakers, childhood dream come true: making a real American movie. Mainly through its ingenious screenplay by Bart De Pauw, now adapted by screenwriter Wesley Strick to an American setting (New Orleans), with American actors in the lead roles and an even faster pace, Erik has made a film that can stand on its own, combining the qualities of the original film from 2008 with an even greater expertise. Even for those who haven’t seen the Flemish version, the 'whodunit' thriller full of amazing twists and complications will remain to thrill an audience by a sophisticated blend of suspense, intrigue and mystery.’

'The Loft' was produced by Woestijnvis and Anonymous Content ('Babel', 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'), will be distributed in Belgium by Kinepolis Film Distribution (KFD) and is the first Flemish remake that will be released worldwide by one of the biggest studio’s: Universal.

The public screening takes place at Vooruit
Tickets are available from 27th August on, at