Special screening for the blind and partially sighted at Flanders Film Festival

25 Sep 2006
In a first for Flanders, the International Film Festival - Ghent in conjunction with the non-profit association "De Vrienden der Blinden" is organising a film showing on October 17 for the blind and partially sighted. The film that has been selected is Erik van Looy's The Alzheimer Case, with commentary provided by Herbert Bruynseels. People with a visual disability too will therefore have the chance for once to enjoy an evening at the pictures!
A film showing for the blind and partially sighted might strike one as a little odd at first. But in fact it is not that unusual at all. Since 1999, there has been a film club in Belgium aimed specifically at this target group. The showing features a special commentary for the audience, which is spoken in between the dialogues on the soundtrack. In the case of The Alzheimer Case, the commentary comes from actor Herbert Bruynseels, who brilliantly recreates the piercing atmosphere of Van Looy's suspense thriller. The showing for the blind is an initiative of the non-profit association "De Vrienden der Blinden". This association has been fighting for better living conditions for people with visual disabilities since 1885. With this showing, the association wishes not only to let the blind and partially sighted enjoy the medium of film, but also to remove them from their isolation by including them in activities that one might have assumed were beyond their reach. In this way, the association hopes to give the blind and partially sighted the chance to live life like everyone else. This very special showing will be held at 3PM on Tuesday, October 17 in Kinepolis Ghent, theatre 4. To register, please e-mail p.seghers@amisdesaveugles.be